Spriggs Barn Conversion

Introducing Our Latest Project: Transforming a Derelict Barn into Sustainable Residences

Just a quick post with a brief update on our latest project – the conversion of a derelict barn into a residential complex. In collaboration with a landowner, we’re in the process of creating a sustainable living space that comprises residential units, a cart lodge, and auxiliary buildings. The development is characterised by its emphasis on eco-friendly technologies, including air source heat pumps and solar panels.

Project Highlights:


Spriggs Barn Conversion


Revitalising a Historic Structure:

Our objective is to repurpose the existing barn, harnessing its historical significance while adapting it for modern living standards. The project encompasses a total area of 4000 sqft, ensuring ample space for comfortable living.

Sustainability at the Core:

The project incorporates environmentally conscious solutions, such as air source heat pumps for energy-efficient temperature regulation and solar panels for renewable energy generation. These features align with our commitment to sustainable development.

Practical Design:

In addition to the residential units, we’re introducing a cart lodge and outbuildings, enhancing the functional aspects of the complex. These structures are designed to accommodate diverse needs, from storage to auxiliary workspaces.


Spriggs Barn Conversion


Progress Update:

The project timeline stands at seven months, and I’m pleased to report that construction is proceeding as planned. We’re committed to adhering to the projected schedule, ensuring timely completion without compromising on quality.

As we move forward with this build, our primary focus remains on the seamless integration of history, sustainability, and functionality. We appreciate your interest and will provide further updates as the development progresses. Should you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out.